(Research / Inspiration / Context / Aspiration)

We want to understand your organisation and its goals, current market place, competitors, objectives and motivations of the key stakeholders. We identify data, assumptions and existing problems to define the contextual references for potential solutions.


(Ideation / Conceptualise / Mock-up / Observe / Visualise / Ergonomics / Brainstorm)

We explore opportunities, generate alternatives. It’s all about possibilities: Creative exploration seeks new ways of looking at things and encourages both diversity and depth. The more combinations you have the easier it is to generate alternative ways of thinking and ultimately unique situations. These are some of the ideas we use to guide the process.


The chosen directions are refined and then developed by using a combination of CAD, physical mock-ups and prototypes to establish real world constraints. Mechanical properties of componentry, assembly details, as well as visual properties can be articulated and refined in this virtual world.


(Detail Design / Prototype and Testing / Design and Prototyping Review / Design Refinement / Production Documentation / Vendor and Component Sourcing)

Confident in the design direction, our engineers begin to craft all the intricate details of the parts and the interfaces of these parts to create assemblies. These in turn are analysed and refined through the virtual CAD models before creating functional test prototypes.


(Tooling Management / Production Implementation / Packaging / Product Graphics / Marketing Liaison (Technical Manuals/Brochures) / Assembly Jigs / Test Jigs)

Upon successful evolution of the project through the testing and validation processes, our designers ensure ownership of their part and product responsibilities by seeing them through all the tooling management and production implementation phases of getting a product to market.

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